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Science in Design Summit Agenda

June 25, 2024

9:00 am

Check-in begins. Please enjoy coffee, tea, and fresh fruit.

9:30 am
Mike Peterson Science in Design
Session #1

The Science in Design and Introduction with Founder Mike Peterson

  • The study of neuroaesthetics is changing the future of design and architecture. The need for aesthetic experiences is hard-wired in our DNA. This session will explore how design and the beauty it creates will improve health and well-being.
10:30 am
Don Ruggles Architect
Meredith Banasiak
Session #2

Homeostasis: Creating a Balanced EnvironmentDon Ruggles and Meredith Banasiak

  • Homeostasis is any self-regulating process by which biological systems tend to maintain stability while adjusting to conditions that are optimal for health. Don and Meredith will explore the impact interior design and the built environment have on creating a balanced environment.
11:30 am
Ann Sussman
Session #3

Designing for the Subliminal BrainAnn Sussman

  • Ann Sussman creates a powerful story for why we need to design for the unconscious mind. It’s riveting. It will change the way you view your design process. Learn why science considers design to be an “alternative health resource”.

12:30 pm –
1:40 pm


IDC 2nd Floor

1:40 pm
Celia Ramoa
Session #4

Creating Sensory Spaces with Light – Cecilia Ramos Lutron Architectural Lighting 

  • Technical advances have dramatically changed a designer’s ability to shape space and experience through light. Learn how to embrace the science to dial in the shape, color, and intensity of every layer of light in a space to engage the senses and promote well-being in the built environment.
2:15 pm
Tina Dominguez
Session #5

VAS – Visual Attention Software: Implementing Visual Spellcheck – Tina Dominguez of 3M VAS

  • Explore the Science behind 3M’s Visual Attention Software. Understand the unconscious mind to help optimize your designs for maximum impact. Learn how “visual spellcheck” will corroborate your design process and advance your business.
3:00 pm
Mike Peterson Science in Design
Session #6

BIOPHILIA: The Human NEED for Nature – Mike Peterson

  • We are nature. We have a fundamental need to connect to the natural world as part of our evolutionary inheritance. Mike Peterson will explore the health benefits and application of biophilic design and its use around the world.
3:50 pm
Christie zumBrunnen, Chief Design Officer with TRIO Design
Session #7

Implementing Science in DesignChristie zumBrunnen

  • Christie zumBrunnen, Chief Design Officer with TRIO Design will share how they use “Science in Design” to differentiate their firm. This session focuses on how to implement biophilia and neuroaesthetics into design planning and execution while creating a health-based design process.

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