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Where Do I Park at the IDC Building?

There are 80+ parking spaces at the IDC Building. We always recommend carpooling or rideshare for larger events.

Designated Parking Around the IDC Building

  • There are 24 designated parking spaces around the IDC Building.

Off-Street on Quivas – East Side

  • There are 6 spots on the street directly outside the IDC Building on the east side of Quivas facing north.

Gravel Parking on Quivas – West Side

  • Up to 22 vehicles may park on the west side of Quivas in the gravel lot directly across from the IDC Building. There are spots further south as well.

The IDC Parking Garage

  • The IDC parking garage has 20 spaces available. The entrance to the garage is on the NE corner of the parking lot.

IDC Warehouse on Quivas (After Hours)

  • There are a few spots outside the IDC Warehouse to the south of the main entrance to the IDC Building.
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