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Visit IDC showrooms and experience our world-class products firsthand. Although you are not required to bring anything with you, we recommend bringing the following items to optimize your IDC design experience and assist our design professionals in understanding your specific project needs:


Our online directory is the most up-to-date reference guide for showrooms, manufacturers and new product lines. View the information here for the most current showroom listings.

  • Architectural drawings
  • Inspirational photos
  • Product images from vendors or online catalogs
  • Samples of other coordinating materials (e.g., cabinets, tile)
  • Photos of the space
  • Budget or allowance from your builder, if applicable
  • Contact information for the other professionals involved in the project, if applicable

Please review our FAQ page for general information about IDC. For any additional questions, please contact us.

The IDC Building is located near downtown Denver with quick access from I-25 and 6th Ave.
590 Quivas Street, Denver, CO, 80204

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