Aria Custom

Aria Custom Venetian plaster application

Aria Custom was founded in 2004 by Chris and his wife, Michelle Lobato.

“We believe in the inherent ability of beautiful surroundings to profoundly foster well-being”.

Chris is an expert in architectural stone treatments, Venetian plaster application, and mantelpiece design. Over the course of his almost decade-and-a-half of utilizing plaster and limestone, Chris has developed a wide range of unique techniques that allow him to satisfy almost any specific look a client may request, from stylish surface and Venetian finishes to an array of architectural and carved stone treatments.

Trevor Martin joined Aria in 2016 to fuel business development and growth. His expertise in marketing and sales makes him a valuable asset to the Team.

Aria finds their inspiration in their love for helping clients make their living and working spaces — bellissimo — beautiful.

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